What’s the Next Big News in Digital Economy? Maybe DiDimessage!


In 2020, DeFi is a star in blockchain digital economy. While until now, NFT attracts all attention in 2021. From artists’ NFT products to NFT investment value, everyone is focusing on NFT and participating in a carnival of NFT in blockchain industry. Those with a long-term vision are finding the next big news in the digital economy.

From digital currency explosion to the expansion of blockchain application, in 2022, DiDimessage, a digital economy ecosystem platform, will draw everyone’s attention.

DiDimessage : A New Blockchain Application

Blockchain+ Digital Economy+Lifestyle Scenarios

The consensus in the digital economy era is that blockchain is not just a technology, but also the infrastructure for the evolution of the Internet.  Based on the future potential of the blockchain, DiDimessage proposes a digital ecological model of "blockchain + digital economy + lifestyle scenarios". Give full play to the security features of blockchain encryption to build a secure social ecology of user identity information; build a core digital economic ecology around digital currency, payment, financial management, custody, etc.; build an entertainment content ecology centered on information, games, live broadcasts, and communities; form a closed loop of the integrated blockchain platform. Starting from the application and expansion of digital currency, we will build a digital economy ecology, and let everyone's lifestyle scenarios be digitalized, finally realizing the inclusive value of blockchain technology.

DiDimessage is positioned as a super application platform based on blockchain technology and a one-stop full-service ecosystem in digital economy. This is also in line with the development law of intensive integration after the development of the blockchain to a certain extent. In the future, whether it is digital payment, collecting NFTs, socialization, building softwares, e-sports, music, media, education, consumption, etc., all can be realized on DiDimessage.

DiDimessage: digital currency value carrier

For a long time, digital currency has been regarded as a game of speculation. However, El Salvador passed a bill to recognize the legal currency of Bitcoin, and Panama is planning to promote the legality of digital currency and other policies. Therefore, DiDimessage see it possible to make digital currency a payment tool for everyone.

Focusing on realizing digital currency value, DiDimessag builds a third-party assets custody wallet with the collaboration of ICCBANK. Dedicated to realize the value of digital currency, DiDimessage continues to expand asset management scenarios such as secure payment, digital banking, and digital asset custody, gradually covering digital assets and other fields, and eventually becoming a digital economy platform for global users.

At present, DiDimessage has global users of more than 300,000. It is expected that, until the end of year 2021, the users’ number will exceed 1million. The DiDimessage platform has already brought together the digital currencies of many users. How to make these digital currencies valuable, exchengeable, value-added is an important goal of DiDimessage's digital ecological model of " life scenarios on the blockchain in digital economy" .

DiDimessage: build a digital consumption ecosystem

User relations chain value

Social networking is necessary to investment information exchange. DiDimessage builds a relations network centering on digital assets. On the network, users can build communities, share news with friends, and exchange digital assets by transaction. Fun chat provides sustainable fuel to value exchange.

Diversified entertainment scenarios

The nature of currency is a value substitute and participating in market exchange. By means of red packet, payment, games pk, live and videos and other diversified entertainment content, there will be closed consumption loop with the expansion of digital currency payment. For example, in the future new version, live will be launched. Afterwards, “live & buy” will be a new way to realize the consumption with digital currency; and followers could also interact with the broadcaster by giving credit.

DiDimessage, an APP in digital economy that is popular worldwide, aims to accelerate the development of global blockchain digital economy. Currently, Fidelity Investments, Morgan Stanley, Black Stone and other top investment institutions have deep cooperation with DiDimessage to do the strategic investment. In the future, with the development of blockchain technology, DiDimessage will be comparable to some powerful companies under the help of capitals.

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